.....Kindness.....Dignity.....Endurance.....Welcome to our school. Things are a bit different right now, but we are so pleased to see you!.....Kindness.....Dignity.....Endurance.....

Keeping Active with Ms Wildman


You are all so wonderful and enthusiastic in PE that I have no doubt that sport is helping to keep you and your family sane during these Home Learning days!?

There is so much online to inspire everyone to do something at the moment. Have you had a go at......

Latest news:

As we head towards the end of term I thought we can't have PE home learning set without it having some kind of link to what should have been the year of the Olympics. Have a go at the activities below:

22nd-26th June should have been our School Sports Week!! 

Your challenge is to recreate it at home with as many activities and challenges as you can think of in order to promote a Healthy, Active Lifestyle.

Find easy, healthy recipes and make some snacks or meals.

Plan your own family sports day!

Think of some fun forest school activities which can get you out in the garden, local park or woods.

Wear sporty clothes all week so you have no excuse not to jump up and get active!!!!!


June 16th

Challenge 1 = tidy your bedroom!!! Find the duster and polish, clean the windows, change the bedding (learn how to use the washing machine!) but most importantly sort out all those untidy drawers and cupboards and find everything a home!!!

Challenge 2 = how high can you stack toilet rolls while being in a press up position in 15 seconds!?! (top tip.....have toilet rolls stacked next to each hand and then make your timed stack in front of your body!)

Challenge 3 = James Corden recently released a challenge. How many items can you take off or find and throw accurately into a clothes basket or into a target?!


June 2020. We are into the final term of the academic year. I am back in school with my 'bubble' 3 days a week and life is very different to 'normal' school.

For those of you Home Learning there is still plenty for you to be doing and ways to be getting active.......

The Wildlife Trust is hosting '30 Days Wild' for the whole month of June. There are lots of free resources to dowload and great reasons to get outside, active and improve your nature detective skills!


Paper plane record attempt!!!!

Did you know the Guiness World Record for the furthest paper plane throw is 69.14m. Below are two plane designs which may help towards your record breaking attempts!....



For those wanting more of an active challenge our local School Games Organiser has relased the virtual competitions for June:






Post box challenge

Now that we are able to get out and about a bit more I thought it might be good to have a reason to go out walking and exploring. As well as making the most of the amazing weather and improving your serotonin levls (sunshine) I would like you all to go for a walk with your family and see what post boxes you can find!

What I didn't know was that each post box tells you who was King or Queen at the time that it was installed. The above picture shows you the different Royal symbols that you need to look for. Good luck and happy hunting!!


18-24th May is Mental Health Awareness Week. I am sending some Home Learning to all of you with some information to read and some challenges to have a go at.


School Games (the Organisation that sort out all school sports competitions!) have put together virtual competitions and of course I would love us to win.........or at least take part!!

Please visit www.yourschoolgames.com

There are lots of resources which have been made freely available...................look under Coronavirus Support.


Get permission to download the TopYa! app so you can get involved in the virtual competitions which will be posted out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The invite code once you have downloaded the app is 23880.

Please tell us if you have been taking part and I will update you all on my progress as I have a go!


Secondly, did you know it would have been the London Marathon this Sunday (26th April)?

The British Heart Foundation have set up the '2.6 Challenge' in order to raise money for UK charities.

They are asking people to dream up fundraisin activities based around the numbers 2.6 and 26 (the marathon is 26 miles long)!!

So if you fancy having a go, get physical and do some fundraising please visit the British Heart Foundation website and check out the 2.6 Challenge. Once again, keep school posted on anything you do and achieve!!!


PE with Joe Wicks (youtube.com/thebodycoach) Monday-Friday 9am

Dance with Oti Mabuse (youtube.com/otimabuseofficial) Monday-Friday 11.30am

Disco Dion every day on youtube at 4pm, plus a family disco session on a Saturday night!


However, I have taught you all the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Now is the time to be really sensible and have carefully planned days that keep you all happy and healthy (work hard and play hard!!). Make sure you stick to normal sensible bedtimes, eat your 5-a-day fruit and veg and get fresh air and exercise at least once a day.

Challenge: ensure you drink 1.5-2 litres of water every day

Challenge: go outside and notice how spring is here. Sometimes it's not about the exercise just breathe in fresh air and appreciate being outside the house! Spot different flowers, look at the different blossoms and buds on the trees. My guinea pigs are loving hand-picked grass and dandelions!! Help with some gardening.

Challenge: a test for reactions (hand eye coordination) and brain training!.......


You have to remove the numbers from 1 to 50 by touching on your screen in the correct sequence from 1through to 50. (when you touch number 1 it will then disappear and another number will fill its place). Scoring: 10-19secs = impossible     20-29secs = liar     30-39secs = you're special              40-59secs = expert     60-79secs = normal     80-99 = you're getting old     100+secs = you are old!

I scored 38.1secs!!!!!


One last idea for you all....................A lot of our sports competitions take place at Avon Valley College. The School Games Organiser has asked me to tell parents that there are lots of daily sports challenges on the AVSSP facebook page. 


Another great website to try is imoves.com. They have loads of fun exercises, spot the difference puzzles, active maths and many, many, many more activities to get you through the days!!!  Just go to the link below.......



If you are in need of workout for the younger ones how about joining CBeebies and 'Andy's Wild Workouts'. 


Go to the CBeebies website and join Andy as he travels the world to amazing places and learns to move like the animals he meets on his wild adventure. 


How about another challenge: "Can you draw the prefect circle?"


I managed 98%!!


British Cycling have put together a fantastic package to get your children learning to ride a bicycle. visit the HSBC UK Ready Set Ride activity hub for help and activities.