Welcome back everyone! Things are a bit different, but we are so pleased to see you!


Our EYFS team works closely with local nursery schools and childminders to ensure a smooth transition for children starting at Amesbury CE Primary. This begins with our annual visits to all feeder nurseries during Term 5 where we meet the children who will be attending, play alongside them and have 1:1 meetings with their key workers. We then work alongside the nursery staff to create a personalised transition plan, including joint trips and stay and play events throughout the summer term. Once the children have started, we continue to work closely with nurseries, ensuring our provision matches the unique needs of the children that they have nurtured.

While we have children from a wide range of nursery schools all over Wiltshire, our three main feeder nurseries are:

Smiley Faces

Parsonage Road

Little Fliers