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Art Curriculum Map

The children are encouraged to be develop their creativity using a variety of mediums and techniques in art. Children investigate and explore colour, shape, balance, focus and proportion, as well as different ways to convey ideas and feelings. The study of a wide range of artists and designers complements this work.

Children begin their art journey in EYFS, which fills their environment with a variety of interesting resources. This provides children with the opportunity to explore art and to express themselves creatively.

Children continue their artist journey into Year 1 and continue to develop their creative and artistic skills throughout their school career.

At Amesbury Primary School, we are lucky to have a specialist art studio, providing children with a vibrant space to be creative. The art studio is well equipped, providing the children with a wide range of exciting resources and opportunities.

Generally, the teaching of art is alternated each term with design and technology, meaning children will carry out three exciting art topics over the year. Their art books are used as they progress through the school which allows them to see the progress that they make.

It lovely to see the range of opportunities being provided and the pride the children take in their artwork.