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Anti Bullying Mark

Amesbury Primary achieved the Silver level of award that demonstrates higher standards of anti-bullying.

The award shows that we have embedded effective policy and practice into the everyday life of the school and continue are development through whole school improvement planning.

Healthy Schools Award

Amesbury Primary School has achieved a variety of Quality Marks and Awards which we use to focus our efforts on improving different aspect of the curriculum. Each shows our commitment to different aspects of learning and the quality of the teaching in that area across the school.

The oldest of our Quality Marks, Healthy School Mark is awarded in recognition of the school’s work in promoting Healthy Lifestyles. It is split into four key areas:

  • Emotional Health & Well-being
  • Healthy Eating
  • Personal, Social & Health Education
  • Physical Activity.

As a healthy school, Blackhorse works hard to promote these areas across the curriculum.

Thrive Award

The Thrive Approach can make learning more accessible, more effective and more fun.

It enhances emotional literacy and directly contributes to the development of learning power: resilience, resourcefulness, reflective capacity and reciprocity.

The Thrive approach can shape provision to make the best of life’s learning opportunities. Thrive activities enhance emotional and social skills, improves emotional wellbeing and develops emotional literacy.