.....Kindness.....Dignity.....Endurance.....Welcome to our school. Things are a bit different right now, but we are so pleased to see you!.....Kindness.....Dignity.....Endurance.....

Who's Who

Our Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs T. Hall
Interim Executive Headteacher: Mr A Richards
Interim Headteacher: Mr M Robinson
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs S Short
School Business Manager: Ms S Skinner
SENCo: Mr T Humphreys
Pastoral Manager: Ms C Batchelor

EYFS Lead: Miss R Holden
Maths Lead: Miss K Card
English Lead: Miss A Jenkins

Our Site Team

Site Manager:Mr J Raymond
Asisstant Site Manager: Mr D Jaffray
Cleaners: Mr T Browning, Mrs C Townley, Mrs F Fitchett

Our Office Staff

Mrs C Connolly
Mrs J Dudgeon
Miss Z Whyley

Our Catering Team

Miss C Carter-Heatley
Mrs A Potts
Mrs K Sarfas

Our Teachers and TAs

Pastoral Support Team

Mrs C Batchelor, Mrs C McIlvar, Mrs T Kinge
School Counsellor: Mrs C Jacobs

Reception & Year 1

Winkelbury Class Teacher: Mrs J Walker
Fosbury Class Teachers: Miss R Holden
Ebsbury Class Teacher: Miss S Mundy
Reception & Year 1 TAs:
Mrs A Parr, Mrs T Hayward, Mrs E Richardson, Mrs L Dunford, Mrs S Watts

Year 2

Stourhead Class Teacher: Ms Dyer
Yarnbury Class Teachers: Mrs S Brindley, Mrs S Black
Year 2 TAs:
Miss O Self, Mrs E Wells, Mrs C Arnold, Mrs S Watts

Year 3

Danebury Class Teacher: Mrs C Green
Sarum Class Teacher: Miss A Sainsbury
Year 3 TAs:
Mrs J Garner, Ms L Nolan-Evans

Year 4

Barbury Class Teacher: Mr A Grace
Longleat Class Teachers: Miss A Jenkins
Wardour Class Teacher: Miss C Clowes
Year 4 TAs:
Mrs G Gurung, Mrs S Osgood, Mrs E Wells

Year 5

Figsbury Class Teacher: Mrs J Pegman
Woodhenge Class Teachers: Miss K Card
Year 5 TAs:
Miss L Rose, Mrs L Rowland

Year 6

Avebury Class Teacher: Mrs C Eveleigh
Stonehenge Class Teacher: Mrs E Timmins
Year 6 TAs:
Mrs D Oswell, Mr M Wilson, Mrs S Appleby, Mrs J Chant

P.E. Teacher

Ms C Wildman

PPA Teacher

Ms K Moore

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Guitar: Mr S Goffen
Woodwind: Mrs E Boulton
Brass: Mr P Bede