.....Kindness.....Dignity.....Endurance.....Welcome to our school. Things are a bit different right now, but we are so pleased to see you!.....Kindness.....Dignity.....Endurance.....


Yarnbury Class

Teachers: Mrs Brindley (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and Mrs Black (Thursdays and Fridays)

Year 2 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Arnold, Miss Self, Mrs Hayward and Mrs Watts

Welcome to our Year 2 page.

We are so proud of how hard you are working.  This is your last term in Year 2 so keep it up and you will be more than ready for Year 3 learning in September!

You still need to come into school and leave school through the main gates on Kitchener Road.  We will help you to keep your hands clean throughout the day.  We will continue to have snack time in our classrooms but we will now be using the hall for lunch time.  You need to wear your school uniform every day and keep your PE kit in school ready for your PE lessons.  Your reading books will be collected in on Fridays and you will get a new book to take home on Mondays.

We have started another exciting term of learning…

In our English lessons we are using The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward.  Later this term we will be using Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty and Ocean Meets Sky by Eric Fan.  For our guided reading and story time, we are sharing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  We have daily phonics lessons to continue learning our sounds for reading and writing.

As mathematicians we are developing our addition and subtraction skills, including problem solving and working with money.

In our PSHE (circle time) lessons we are using the Jigsaw characters to explore how animals and humans change as they grow.  What can you do now that you couldn’t do when you were a baby?  How will you change as you get older?  What new things will you be able to learn to do?

As scientists this term we are investigating different materials.  Which materials are tough?  Which are waterproof?  What would be the best materials to use if you were making a bridge to cross a river?

Our RE theme explores God’s rules for being a good person, known as The Ten Commandments.  What rules has God given to Christians?  What would your rules be if you were teaching others how to be good?

In our geography lessons we will be comparing Amesbury and our local area with a place that is very different.  Where in the world is Kenya?  Do you already know something about Kenya that you can share with your class?  What would you like to find out?

We look forward to giving out Dojo points when we see you working hard and lots of house points when we see you being kind and using your lovely manners.  Will you be our learner of the week?  How will you help us to earn stars in our jar for Friday afternoon golden time?  Remember that we will talk about a new target for golden time every Monday morning… how would you like to improve the learning in your classroom?  We would love to hear your ideas!